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Ongoing Activities/Special Boomers Interests

Boomers have a number of sub-groups and/or on-going activities, open to all members, possibly their guests, and sometimes, all Rossmoor residents. These include: Boomer Bocce, ExploreMore, Book Salon, Games Night and  Pub Trivia. See descriptions below and check Upcoming Events page for dates and details. 



Boomers Forever Bocce League

The Boomers Forever Bocce (BFB) League is a group of Boomers members that gets together to have fun and play bocce ball socially. The League, formed in 2013, meets on the Rossmoor bocce courts on Monday afternoons and Monday evenings, from May thru August.


The BFB League has 12 teams comprised of six to ten players. Extra players are put on a waiting list or a substitute list. BFB assembles teams and players in February of each year. The official Rossmoor Bocce Club League controls the calendars for the bocce courts and works with BFB to set up playing times.


2022 Afternoon League Co-Chairmen are: Roger Svoboda: and Molly Clopp, Evening League Chairmen are: Sherry Endicott and Brendan Schmidt











ExploreMore is an opportunity for boomer members and friends to enjoy off-campus explorations of the many attractions and places in our wonderful Bay Area. These are not official events but rather informal gatherings of interested people.  The venues will vary and transportation will be via casual car pools and/or mass transit/carpool. Riders should contribute something to drivers to cover gas/tolls. Attendees will buy individual tickets, admission, food, etc., as needed unless group pricing is arranged.

A side benefit of these explorations is that members will become more comfortable using mass transit. All those 65 and older are encouraged to apply for a Senior Clipper Card. This card can be used on Bart, San Francisco Muni, County Connection, AC Transit, ferries, and more.  Not only is it more convenient than figuring individual fares but all senior discounts are automatically applied when the card is used. Information on how to get a Senior Clipper card can be found at

Past ExploreMore activities have included an Angel Island outing via Bart/ferry, Chouinard Winery picnic/dance, Blue Angel's picnic on Treasure Island, Golden Gate Fields/Turf Club, and a holiday lights group bus tour via Bart/SF Muni. There are several outings being considered for this year - see the Upcoming Events page for details.

And, if you have an idea for an ExploreMore outing, we want to hear from you! Send an email to and a board member will contact you to discuss. 


Book Salon - This activity is no longer active. 

If Boomer Readers want to resume Book Salon or come up with a new kind of book club, the board is open to your ideas. Please contact us.  


Games Night - Now Monthly!

Boomer version of Games People Play! Board games, card games, cribbage, Mexican Train Dominoes and more. Boomers and friends gather in the Oak Room at Gateway and enjoy playing all sorts of games, depending on what people bring. Everyone brings some sort of snack to share, personal beverage, and the games begin at 7pm. Relaxed casual gathering. Bring a favorite game or try something new. People are happy to teach others how to play as needed. 

No charge for this event but donations to Feed the Pig are always welcome. See Annual Schedule and/or Upcoming Events for dates of thismonthly event. 

Boomer Trivia

Proposed  by Boomer members and Trivia Masters, Michele and Chuck Beach, this has become a hugely popular boomer activity, one that is open to all of Rossmoor. Lke Games Night,  this takes place in the Oak Room at Gateway. 

Boomer Trivia is a chance to stretch your brain, enjoy munchies and bevs, and meet other residents. The Beaches create 4 rounds of 10 questions each and teams of 2-5 people vie to answer the most right. Categories vary widely but always include one Boomer category such as '60s Inventions or Boomer Acronyms. 

Attendees can come with a team or be assigned to one upon arrival. Check-in is at 6:30-6:45 and games start promptly at 7. There are breaks between rounds for mingling and munching. Everyone should bring a snack to share, personal beverage, and a $1 entry fee which will go into a prize fund for awards at the final session in December. 


See Annual Schedule/Rossmoor News, and/or Upcoming Events for dates of this monthly event. 

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Whale Watching

Chouinard Winery

Golden Gate Field Racing and Buffet

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