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Boomers Forever is a social club founded in 2010 for both

singles and couples who are Rossmoor residents born in the

1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s. We currently have more than 600

resident-only members. Just like the times we grew up in, we have a relaxed, friendly, laid-back approach to events. We also incorporate the sport motto, “Just Do It” in the way we run activities. Most events are volunteer run rather than hiring vendors. We just find it more fun to get people together and get things done. We mix potlucks with catered affairs and events are usually BYOB.

The club offers numerous functions throughout the year, including live-band dances to the music we grew up on to the music of today, and major holiday celebrations at the Event Center. There are monthly Games Nights at the Gateway Clubhouse, co-host BBQs at Sportsman’s Park, Boomer Trivia Competitions, sporting event watch parties, Super Bowl Party, a club Bocce League, a monthly Book Salon, and monthly evening Schmoozes that attract from 20 - 90 people in a relaxed, casual gathering - outdoors in the warm months. You don’t want to miss our Halloween dance – the creativity in costumes is Amazing! And, our Winter Solstice Gala in December is a truly elegant affair.

New events are added regularly, and might include group outings to various area functions, festivals, and attractions such a cruise on the bay, a day at the races, a picnic on Angel Island and more. Check this website for the most up to date information.


Prospective members are invited to "try us out" at one or more events and we will always try to welcome newbies. The best way to feel part of the “in-crowd” is to try multiple activities within Boomers, volunteer at events (best way to get to know people better), and check in with Board members for introductions at events and gatherings. Being the “new kid” in a room full of strangers can be overwhelming but remember that everyone you meet in Boomers was in your shoes once. Persistence is the key.


Board of Directors

The board is responsible for planning events, welcoming new members, putting member ideas into action, gathering volunteers to make fun happen. The current Board of Directors of Boomers Forever includes:

Steve Bajada
Ed Buckland
Freddie Delamain, Treasurer

Gloria Gluskin

Eva King
Julie Parker
Mike Parker, Vice President
Pat Ranagan, Secretary
Donna Sharkey, President

Jane Witbrodt, President

Al Zemsky, Membership 


The Board of Directors meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday of each month, from 6 to 8 p.m., generally in MPR 2 at Gateway.  Members are welcome to attend the first 15 minutes of any meeting in order to ask questions, surface issues, or make suggestions. Members are encouraged to submit any ideas/issues/challenges to the Board via email one week prior to the meeting in order to be sure enough time is allocated on the agenda. To submit items and confirm dates and locations of monthly Board meetings, please send a message to the email address below.


There are also members who consistently take the lead on activities such as Michele and Chuck Beach - Boomer Trivia Masters, Joe Costella  - Book Salon Lead, Boomers House Tour Chairperson Donna Reynolds, Boomer Bocce League Leads: Kathy Bridgman, Molly Clopp, Sherry Endicott, Brendan Schmidt. The board always welcomes individuals who like to take on responsibility on either a one-time or on-going basis. Bring your enthusiasm, energy, and commitment to making the club a fun, inclusive, creative organization.

For more information on the board and club activities current and future, feel free to contact us at:

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