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In June, the Boomers will have their usual round of events (Games Night June 8,  Schmooze June 19, Trivia June 15)  - See description of monthly events under MORE/Ongoing Activities - and...


...June BBQ on Sat June 22

We're having a BBQ, 6-9ish at Sportsmen’s Park, Hillside. The BBQ is a cooperative effort with the club providing early munchies, grilled beef hot dogs (vegan option available), NY-style red onion relish, and sauerkraut plus dessert. Members and guests will bring side dishes to share at buffet tables. This is a BYOB/water event and while there will be a supply of compostable paper goods, attendees are encouraged to bring reusable plates, utensils, cups, etc.  


Members and guests are welcome to enjoy this always delightful evening in a pleasant outdoor setting. Pre and post dinner, there will be lawn games to be played such as corn hole and axe throwing. The club’s mp3 player will provide a great musical backdrop and dancing may break out. Since it is just about the longest day of the year, the event is expected to extend past dark.


Advance purchase is required.

Checks, payable to Boomers Forever, may be submitted through Friday June 14 in the club mail slot at Gateway Admin.


Online purchase is available on this website under EVENT TICKETS/JOIN Tab

Deadline: Wednesday June 19. Purchase window may close earlier if sold out. Seating is limited. Cost: $8.00 members, $11 guests.


Side Dishes: You are expected to bring a side dish to share at buffet tables. Singles should bring servings for 4-6, couples bring for 8-12. Suggestions for what to bring are listed below. Please, no desserts.


The seating tables will be clean but you may wish to bring reusable tablecloths for shared table seating. Those wishing to bring hot side dishes in crockpots can be accommodated but the grills are reserved for hot dogs only.


Suggested Side Dishes: whether you cook or shop, there are all sorts of options for side dishes. Aside from the standard potato , cole slaw, macaroni salads, consider rice/veggie/quinoa salads, loaded pasta salads, grilled or steamed veggie platters. Green salads, veggie casseroles, baked beans, hearty finger foods such as bruschetta, sushi or fruit bowls, sliced fruit platters are all good options as well. Stores such as Costco/Trader Joes/Sprouts, etc. all offer interesting side dishes to grab and go. Please note that the grills are reserved for the hot dogs only. We can accommodate a few crockpots if we know in advance. Please bring any needed utensils for your side dish. 


The club piggy bank will be circulated at the event to accept any donations that all go to support neighbors-in-need through the Rossmoor Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone planning on attending, even if they don't eat hot dogs, must purchase admission in advance. 


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